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Social Media Posts are a great lead generator, but over the years I have had a lot of clients that post their listings on Social Media and get very little or no results.  Then they come to me and ask Why am I not getting any leads?  My answer is always the same, "because you are now dong enough".

Posting your listings or your virtual tours is good but remember you are competing against millions of other advertisers out there so the chance of the right audience seeing your post is slim to none!

But Wait!  There is hope!

You have to develop a social media marketing system that will draw followers, keep engagement high and that will convert them into clients.

I have spent countless hours over the better part of my career attending Social Media Seminars and paying for some of the Top Trainers to just show me how to help my business.  I have taken what I learned and not only used it for myself, but I have used it for several of my Real Estate clients as well.

After a lot of trial and error, I have come up with a system that has worked for me and my clients.  Our success has come from posts about lifestyle, tips, and posts about area of interest of our followers.  Tips like neighborhood happenings, decorating ideas, DIY tips, restaurant reviews, school and church events, etc.  However, you still would want to post your listings along with other types of posts.

You can also target an audience outside of your followers by investing in Social Media Ads.  Over the past several years I have created a lot of Facebook Ad campaigns and they are the perfect way to reach home buyers and sellers that are ready to use a Real Estate Agent.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you're on Facebook, an Ad would pop up on in your newsfeed or down the right side of your page on items that you we searching for yesterday?  That is because Facebook uses Algorithms that tracks your movements on the internet.

That is Great News for you, because Facebook has complied a ready and willing audience of home buyers and home sellers just for you, by tracking their internet search activity and you can use that information to create an Ad, and post it on Facebook that goes directly to that audience of home buyers and sellers.

I have created a system of posts that target each specific group for you and I have included a step by step guide taking through the process of placing your very own Facebook Ads to generate more qualified leads.

We are also in the development stages of creating systems for Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to give you a broader audience.

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It's all been created to help you to "Grow" your business and become a Successful Real Estate Agent!


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