Real Estate Listing Presentations

Real Estate Agents can really make an impression with a Quality Designed Listing Presentation.

Listing Presentations

Listing Presentations

It is a great tool that you can use to impress your potential clients but most of all it's a first step in building that trust between the two of you.


When you are ready to put your listing presentation together, keep these key elements in mind:

Focus on selling the dream, not just a house.  Find out what these seller's loved about their house and neighborhood.  Have them fill out a pre-listing survey or Questionnaire and then use that information to create a custom designed story about the place where they 'lived' and created memories.

I once had a client that was on a listing appointment and the wife/mother was showing him the trim around the kitchen door where for years, she would measure the height of her children as they grew.  Since it was just the trim around the door, the agent said, "I tell you what, before we list your home, I'll remove that trim and replace it with new trim, that way you can take those priceless memories with you wherever you go."  Needles to say he got the listing.

Ask them what types of local activities do they like to do, what restaurants they like to frequent, what local stores they prefer to shop at.  This allows you to get to know a little more about your seller and them to feel like you care.

We have several Real Estate Listing Presentation templates to choose from in our toolkit.  I have created dozens of them over the years for my clients and now I get to share them all with you.

You can customize any of our Listing Presentations in any way you want.  You can choose from PowerPoint, Word or Publisher.  They are easy to use, cost effective, and work great for any real estate agent, whether you are a brand new rookie or a seasoned agent.  And most of all, our listing presentations are custom designed to match your identity, and your branding.  They will work with any business model and in any market.

You can also establish yourself as a real estate expert with our custom listing presentations. Clients are looking for agents that are knowledgeable, experienced and Professional.

Our listing presentations are designed to help you can stand out from your competition.


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