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Virtual Open Houses

How to hold a “Live” Virtual Open House across the World Wide Web!

An open house can be a great sales tool, but it also exposes you to numerous dangers.

virtual open house

Virtual Open House

The scariest “Safety” tip that I have ever heard is, “Remember to unlock the deadbolts on all the doors. If you have to make a run for one of the doors, you do not want to be held up trying to unlock it. While you are in the house, position yourself so that you are always able to run if you have to. When you are showing visitors around, make sure you never let them position themselves between you and the exit”.

Sounds like Great Advice right?  Wrong!  Opening all of the deadbolts only creates another opportunity for a thief to enter the house.  There could be a team of two or more, where one is distracting you and the other sneaks into an unlocked door or window.  Once the first person leaves, you feel a bit safer and let your guard down, but reality is that there could someone else in the house that you didn’t even know came in.

The solution is to hold a Live “Virtual Open House”!

A Live “Virtual Open House” is done over the internet using a Webinar Platform and people attend your Open House Online greatly reducing the risk to you and the home owner.  And the best part is, you can attract many more buyers to a Virtual Open house than you would a traditional Open house.

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