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As a Listing Agent, the number one complaint that most home sellers have about their agent is lack of communication.

Once you have the listing, does not mean that you should ignore your client until a showing is scheduled or an offer is presented.

You are the real estate professional and they have questions.  Don’t wait for them to reach out to you.  You need to reach out to your sellers with information on any open houses, showings, advertising, any new listings or sold properties that have come up within their immediate neighborhood.


You want to have constant communication with your seller and keep them as informed as possible about what you are doing to sell their property.


We have several of forms, flyers and informational brochures that you can provide to your seller’s throughout the term of their listing.  It will keep them informed and updated on what they should be doing to increase their chances of selling and what to expect during the duration of their listing.


Some examples are:

Strategies for getting the most money for your home

Typical Real Estate Transaction from Listing to Close

Step by Step Guide to selling your Home.


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