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Have you thought about using an email drip campaign but just don't know what to say?

Well now you don't have to.  We have created them for you!



Not everyone that has picked up your flyer or received one or your postcards, no matter how great they may be, is going to be ready to buy or sell a home today.  But you have made that initial contact and have sort of made an introduction of yourself.  You will want to continue with that relationship so that when they are ready to buy or sell, you are the one they come to.

Now, you won't be able to talk to every single person individually every single day, but you do want to nurture these leads until they are ready, by using Real Estate Emails in a drip marketing email campaign.

I have used several of the canned Real Estate Emails that are available today for Real Estate Agents but I was finding that they were not very effective.  I felt like they needed to be more personalized and a little jazzing up.

So I designed my own campaigns that are targeted to certain groups of leads like: buyers, sellers, renters, new parents, newlyweds, empty nesters, etc.  I found that by making my campaigns specific to my audience, I got better results.

What people need to know about is that you are a Real Estate Professional that can help them buy or sell their next home.  Beyond that they really don't care.  They care about themselves and what you can do to make their Dreams come true.  Our email campaigns are designed to do just that are we are constantly adding either new emails to existing campaigns, or entirely new campaigns to target a new audience.

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