How To Be Successful

Success is not a state of being or a destination to strive for.  Success is only interpretation.  It is what you believe success is and not what someone else perceives it to be.

I remember several years ago, I had built my business up to where I had several people working for me and I was able to take the afternoon off and go shopping with my niece who is only a few years younger than me.  We drove out to the mall and visited several stores and had lunch together and I paid for everything as well as bought anything and everything that my niece wanted.  I never gave it a second thought, until we were sitting in the car together driving back to her house and she casually said to me, “I wish I could be like you, and just go out shopping like this in the middle of the day, whenever I feel like it and not worry about money”. 

She totally caught me off guard because I didn’t see myself as a success.  I was a struggling business owner that was up very early in the morning and worked until very late at night every single day.  I would take my work with me everywhere I went.  I was always on my cell phone answering emails, texts, and calls.  I took my laptop with me to family outings so that I could still work and took quite a bit of grief for it.  I worked very hard, but I did not see myself as a success.  But, someone else did and I realized in her situation, looking at me, she did see me as successful.  All I saw was someone that worked night and day and that had failed over and over again.

It was then that I realized that Successful people are just people that never give up!  They don’t quit, no matter what stage they are in.  They strive to just keep going no matter how many times they fail.  But, failing is part of your journey to success!  Find me a successful person that has never failed!  You can’t because they don’t exist.

We all go through hard times, we all go through depression, we all go through doubt and moments in our lives where it is almost impossible to go on.  But we do it anyway, and those difficult moments are what build your character and mold you to be a better person.

People do not become successful just by accident.  They get up and work toward their vision and their goals every single day.  And if they fail, they pick themselves up and keep moving forward, no matter what!    They feel fear and doubt, but they do it anyway.  If you don’t push yourself, if you don’t fail, you don’t get any better!

No matter how talented or educated someone is, you can beat anybody at anything if you are more consistent than everyone else around you!

So, go out there and do something you are very passionate about!  Find a person that you would most like to trade places with.  Write down everything you admire about them and start doing those things yourself.  Before you know it, you will be the person you admire the most.