Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Hire a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator to handle your closings from start to finish!

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordinator

Why should I hire a Transaction Coordinator?

Today's consumers are more aware of the process of real estate and expect their real estate professional to be on hand at any given moment.  A Transaction Coordinator can allows you to provide your clients with a professional level of Courteous and responsive service.

A Transaction Coordinator can be more readily available to guide your client and uphold your professional reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction.  No Real Estate Agent can do without their customers, and if you don't stay close to them, you'll lose them.

We take some of the responsibility of customer care by providing them with scheduled daily updates on the progress of their closing.  Customer Service improvements will carry over to additional sales and referral as well as improve customer retention rates.



Our services include:






Create a customized closing checklist.

Overseeing all aspects of buyer & seller transactions from offer to closing.

Coordinate title/escrow, mortgage loan and appraisal processes.

Coordinate inspections, assist in negotiations regarding repairs, and coordinate completion of repairs.

Regularly update & maintain communication with clients, agents, title officer, lender etc.

Obtain and compile all necessary information and documents to clear title

Assure that they are no outstanding liens, invoices, or special assessments on the property.

Submit all necessary documentation to the title company/attorney and the office broker for file compliance.

Coordinate moving/possession schedules.

Schedule and coordinate closing date, time and place.

Input all client information into client database system.

Update MLS on Pending and Sold Status

Online Management Systems so you have 24 hour access to the closing process

Fee is $295 per transaction and you don't pay until close of escrow


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